Academic Excellence & Catholic Tradition | Pre-K through Grade 6

Saint Brendan School is a neighborhood parish school that educates and nurtures students in a safe environment rich in Catholic identity and tradition.
Our Saint Brendan School community is dedicated to developing the gifts in each child.

With a rigorous academic program, we seek to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence our students need to become independent thinkers, effective communicators and strong practicing Catholics living in service to Jesus Christ.

Our History

Saint Brendan School, built by parishioners of Saint Brendan Church in 1951, is a single grade elementary school addressing the educational needs of its parishioners. Our school is located in the Cedar Grove section of Dorchester bordering Milton and Quincy. The school, formerly staffed by Sisters of Saint Joseph, has provided quality education for an annual enrollment of approximately 245 students. For more than fifty years St. Brendan School has been a vital part of our parish community. We continue to function as a successful and competitive school due to the overwhelming spiritual and financial support of our parishioners.

Our Faculty

The strength of St. Brendan School lies in the dedicated, creative, professional, caring and faith-filled faculty and the sense of unity that exists between the school and the home. Teachers are truly committed to the development of the whole child.


St. Brendan School is accredited by NEASC, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as the Archdiocese of Boston. These accreditations challenge our school to maintain a program of excellence and accountability.

Honor Code

Every student is expected to be respectful, honest, and responsible for his/her own actions. Jesus is the role model for all students at St. Brendan School.

Code of Conduct

Important Links

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 Saint Brendan School 

29 Rita Road Dorchester, MA 02124 

(617) 282-3388 


Pre K $7,415 (full time) plus Volunteer Service Fee; part-time rates listed below 

K1 $6,140 plus Volunteer Service Fee 

K2-6 $5,275plus Volunteer Service Fee 

Sibling $4,750 beginning in Grade 1 plus Volunteer Service Fee 

Volunteer Service Fee 

$250.00 = 25 hours for oldest and only child 

$150.00 and an additional 10 hours for second child 

$50.00 and an additional 5 hours for third or more children (1 child = $250.00, 25 hours) (2 children = $400.00, 35 hours) (3 or more children = $450.00, 40 hours) 

For returning families: Please check with Christine Bailey ( to determine if your volunteer service hours have been completed. If not completed, a volunteer fee charge is applied to the 2019-2020 school year. If completed, you will receive a credit for your volunteer service for the 2019-2020 school year. In both instances, your volunteer requirement of hours begins again when school starts. 

Financial Aid 

Financial aid is available for students in Grades K2-6 who have been here at least one year. The Grant and Aid application must be filed by March 15th. Contact FACTS Management at 800-624-7092 or at 

Seat Fee 

A $500.00 non-refundable seat fee is due February 28, 2019. This will be strictly enforced and is absolutely necessary to hold your child’s seat. This seat fee is applied to the tuition. 

Part-time Pre K Tuition 

$3,710 5 half-days 

$4,450 3 full days $2,225 3 half-days 

$2,970 2 full days $1,485 2 half-days 


School uniforms must be purchased at:  College Hype, 540 Gallivan Blvd., Dorchester, MA 02124.  671 282 8883

Pre-K, K1 and Kindergarten 2 students will wear gym uniforms every day.  The color/logo/requirements must be the same: plain navy blue shorts, skorts or pants, no logo other than school logo and plain gray tee shirt with school logo.  Navy blue sweater or sweatshirt with no logo other than school logo.  Socks and tights must be white, blue or black.  No decorative tights are allowed.  Sneakers or soft soled shoe only. NO boots, clogs, flip flops or sandals.

Boys Grades 1 – 6: Navy blue pants, light blue long or short sleeve cotton shirt with logo, a blue, black or brown belt and navy or black plain socks. A navy blue uniform sweater may be worn in the winter. 

Girls Grades 1 – 6: Plaid jumper (at or below knee length) light blue blouse with Peter Pan collar, NAVY blue knee socks or tights only. Ankle socks are not allowed.  Uniform sweater may be worn in the winter.

Boys and girls may wear the school sweatshirt in lieu of the sweater.  

* For the safety of students the school requires a dark color (navy/black/brown), low-heeled shoe with rubber soles. No sneakers or sneaker type shoes may be worn except on physical education days.  No clogs, flip-flops, boots or sandals are allowed. 

*All blouses and shirts will be tucked in; boys are to wear belts at all times.  Girls must wear a belt when wearing shorts or pants.


During the months of September, May and June, girls and boys may wear tailored navy blue shorts instead of slacks or skirts.  No gym shorts are allowed and boys and girls must wear a blue, black or brown belt with the shorts. Girls must wear navy blue knee socks with shorts.  During the months of January, February and March girls may wear tailored navy blue slacks with a belt.  No sweat pants, leggings or yoga style pants are allowed.


Grades 1-6 Gym uniforms will replace the regular uniform on the designated physical education days. The gym uniform is navy blue sweat pants with school logo, (no stripes, designs of any kind other than the Saint Brendan Logo) navy blue long sleeve sweatshirt with the school logo, a short or long sleeve uniform tee shirt with the school logo and sneakers.  White socks can be worn on gym days.

*ALL GYM UNIFORMS MUST HAVE SCHOOL LOGO and be purchased from College Hype.

Sneakers are part of the gym uniform.  Please be sure they are tied.  Please avoid black-soled sneakers. Students not in proper gym attire will not be allowed to participate in gym class and may be subject to disciplinary action.

*No jewelry of any kind is to be worn on physical education day.


On Dress Down Days, students should dress in a manner that is appropriate for a learning environment.  Students must wear clothing that covers their midriff.  Shorts and skirts should be fingertip length.  Pants cannot be too low on the hips and no underwear should ever be visible. All shirts should have at least a three–inch shoulder strap.  Clothes with inappropriate words, symbols or gestures are unacceptable as are any clothes that are pajama like.  The principal has the authority to make judgment on a case by case basis about the appropriateness of clothing for a school setting.  In some cases, parents may need to bring a change of clothes to school and/or the student may be prohibited from participating in future Dress Down Days.  

*Hats of any kind are not permissible on Dress Down Days.  

*If girls wear leggings, their back side must be covered by their shirt.

SCHOOL SHOWS (Christmas & Spring Show)

White tops, plain black pants or skirts.



Hair should be neat, clean, and appropriately styled.  No faddish haircuts.  Any inappropriate haircut or color will be addressed by the administration.  No hair extensions are permitted and a student’s hair should never interfere with his/her vision.  Cosmetic glasses worn as an accessory are not allowed.  

Makeup, necklaces, or dangling earrings are not to be worn during school or at school functions.  Girls only may wear stud earrings – one earring per ear.  Boys may not wear earrings.   There is no body piercing or tattoos allowed.

Repeated violations of the uniform policy will result in the issuance of demerits by the principal or classroom teacher in grades 1-6.  Receipt of three demerits in a month will result in morning detention at 7:30 am.  For students in grades Pre K-K2, repeated violations will result in a mandatory meeting with the principal or guidance counselor.


  1. Baseball hats – Baseball hats can be worn to and from school but cannot be worn in the school building.
  2. Boots of any kind (boots worn during inclement weather must be changed once the student enters their classroom).
  3. Grades 1-6 – Sneakers of any kind are not allowed except on gym days.
  4. Headbands with anything distracting attached to them., i.e., headbands with ears, pompoms, etc.
  5. Any type of costume jewelry.  i.e., not chokers, dangling necklaces, earrings, bracelets or fake eyeglasses.
  6. Any article of clothing with ANY LOGO or identifying mark other than the school logo.  All socks worn with the school uniform must be plain with no logos.  White socks can only be worn on gym days.
  7. Girls in Grades 1-6 – Yoga pants, leggings, or any type of exercise clothing is not allowed except on dress down days.
  8. Shoes should not have any logos, decorations, pompoms, clip ons, sparkles, etc.  Shoes should be plain dark brown, black or navy.  No heels, flip flops, sandals, crocs, etc.
  9. Umbrellas are not allowed in the school building.
  10. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones to Saint Brendan School for any reason.  If a student uses a cell phone during the school day and or during the after school program, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school year.
  11. Fit Bit/Apple/Gizmos or any type of electronic watches are not allowed to be worn during the school day.

Before & After School Program


Before School is offered Monday – Friday from 7am-8:05am.   *There must be a minimum of 3 students in order for Before School to take place. 

There are several Before School drop off times:  7:00am – $15 for 1 child/$20 for 2 children/$25 for 3 or more children.  7:30am – $7 per child; 7:45am – $5 per child.  

After School is offered Monday – Friday from 2:30pm – 5:00pm and 11:30-2:30pm on half days.

After School costs:  $11 per hour for 1 child; $16 per hour for 2 children; $21 per hour for 3 or more children.  Please calculate to the nearest ½ hour.  For example:  If you child is staying from 2:30 – 4:45, you must pay until 5pm or if your child is signed up until 4:30 and does not get picked up until 4:45, you will be billed for the extra ½ hour.


Sign up forms for these programs will be sent home on a monthly basis.  Forms and payment must be sent to the office by the date listed on the monthly sign up form.  If we do not receive forms and payments by date indicated on monthly form, we cannot guarantee your child will have a spot in After School. 


We will no longer accept phone calls to add your child on a daily/weekly basis.  If there is an emergency and you must add your child to After School OR make any changes to their schedule, please email Christine Bailey at AND your child’s teacher by NOON.  There are no exceptions to this new rule.  Thank you for your cooperation.


If you must reach a teacher at After School, please use this number – 617-825-4387.  DO NOT CALL THE MAIN OFFICE NUMBER.


The program closes promptly at 5pm on full days and 2:30pm on ½ days.  If you are late picking up your child, the additional costs are as follows:  5-5:15pm/3-3:15 – $10 per child, 5:15-5:30/3:15-3:30 – $25 per child, after 5:30/3:30 you will be charged $10 per minute/per child.  Your child will not be able to attend the program again until payment is made in full.


Reimbursements will not be given to anyone that is enrolled but does not attend due to illness, last minute changes, appointments, snow days, etc.  There are no reimbursements for early pick-ups.


All outstanding bills must be paid before a child can continue attending Before/After School.  


Drop off for Before School and pick up from After School will be at the ARCHWAY entrance.  Please KNOCK ON DOOR and a teacher will answer.  If for some reason, no one comes to door, please call the after school phone number.  Please do not use MAIN DOOR for Before or After School.


Before and After School is PEANUT FREE.  Please send in a peanut free snack and drink in a separate labeled bag each day your child is attending After School.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE SNACKS OR DRINKS.


The schedule for After School is as follows:  Snack, recess, homework and playtime.  Your child will have the opportunity to do homework with supervision from the after school teachers.  However, we ask parents to recheck student’s work.  After School is designed to help students begin their homework, our staff is not required to be a student’s individual tutor, or to ensure all homework is completed.


On half days, please pack your child a PEANUT FREE lunch, snack and drink.  Hot lunches and milk are not available on half days.  Dismissal is promptly at 2:30pm.


Toys, games and electronics (including iPads, cell phones & electronic watches) from home will not be allowed at Before/After School.


For the safety of your child/children, you will be asked to sign out your child each day they attend the program.  If you plan to have someone else pick up your child, please make sure their name is on the attached form. 


Please return the attached forms to the office.  Your child will not be able to attend the Before/After School programs until we receive these forms.

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Christine Bailey at

God has given us two hands, one to receive with & the other to give with. Make use of both!

You can donate to the school and parish through a one-time, or an on-going scheduled gift.